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The winter edition of the New Direction Magazine raises the problem of the misinterpretation of a key principle of subsidiarity. This EU provision should be understood as a means to strengthening regional and local political power.

People are asking for more democracy, transparency and accountability in Europe. To that end, there is a need to ensuring the full implementation of subsidiarity. In light of the recent decisions taken by the European Commission to address this principle, this magazine calls for subsidiarity checks in order to ensure the EU is delivering for its citizens. 

Tomasz Poręba, President of New Direction:

I am pleased to present you the latest our magazine covering subsidiarity – a cornerstone policy we at New Direction and the ECR believe EU should be based upon. Adhering to the principle of subsidiarity aiming at strengthening local and regional bodies in relevant policy areas is fundamental to the beliefs of New Direction and the ECR group community.

 I hope you enjoy this new edition and continue to follow New Direction in the coming months an years. The guest editor of this issue of New Direction's magazine is our New Direction Vice-president, Andrew Lewer MBE MEP.

Andrew Lewer, Vice-President of New Direction:

Subsidiarity rarely hits the headlines in the same way other policy areas - and arguably failings - such as the Euro and migration do. Yet, as the title of our magazine indicates, it is of pressing concern and relevance 'Here, There and Everywhere'. Why does the EU find it so difficult to allow decisions to be made at a local level? Why do what one assumes are well intentioned campaigns to delegate, deregulate and decomplexify often fail? Fitting to the subject matter, a wide range of approaches and viewpoints are to be found within the articles penned by contributors from as far afield as Croatia, Finland and the USA. As is customary, New Direction is the thought leader in this policy area. Anyone who believes in democracy and who wishes to see a reinvigoration of civil society will discover something for them in these pages.

Andrew I Lewer MBE MEP

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